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By Rory Mullarkey

Photos Jack Houliston Photography


// DIRECTOR: Clara Bloomfield

// MILITARY ADVISOR: Sargent Ryan O'Kane

// COMPANY: Josh Gately, Chelsea Quaison, Mia Haden,

Aaron Chilton-Kid, Kieran P McKeown, Iga Kurpik, Niall McCluskey, Lucia Demitri Von Pezold,  Charlie Watt, Jack Houliston, Zack McGlynn, Ciara Browning, Ella Greenhill, Matthew Fotheringham, Hector R J Buckanan, Skie Mathieson Dobie.

// ORIGINAL MUSIC: Hector RJ Buchanan

// MOVEMENT CO-CREATION: Igan Kurpik & Charlie Watt

// TECHNICAL: Performing Arts Studio Scotland 

Delve into the intimate realm of personal warfare, unravelling the profound journey of individuals trained to defend their country. A compelling production that navigates the complex terrain of sacrifice, resilience, and the transformative impact of armed conflict on the human spirit. Through a riveting narrative and poignant performances, the play invites audiences to contemplate the profound challenges and resilience required in the pursuit of duty.

In a stirring blend of heart-wrenching realism and unyielding hope, The Grandfathers lays bare the complexities of military training and the enduring spirit that binds these young soldiers through the crucible of war.

PERFORMECE // The Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

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