Sole Searching: A Hootenanny,’ is an inspiring grassroots Docudrama* about the courage and resilience of four remarkable women; their struggle to break out of the constraints of what they view as an unequal society. Four women, came together to discuss life and explore what it means to be a woman and share heart-felt experiences. In a their world where people on benefits are labelled as ‘scroungers,’ theser women challenge these perceptions, through the creation of honest, inspiring autobiographical performance these individuals cut to the truth of the lives of many.


Through ‘Sole Searching’, the women tell their ordinary everyday life stories where theses women are ignored and undervalued but demand to be heard.


Moving; honest, collective voices, creating awareness - questioning and smashing the stereotype,Audience Member.


The docudrama was performed in Inverkeithing Parish Church in April of this year and the women were commissioned to do a special performance in July for the Fairer Fife Commission,


“A powerful way to tell stories of real life –

made me want to influence change.”  

George Dodds, Director of Delivery – NHS Scotland


In September ‘Sole Searching’ was performed at the Scottish Parliament, sponsored by Alex Rowley MSP who said,


“We need to understand better the root causes of poverty and take a community led approach to achieve a fairer society.”


*Docudrama: a drama which is based on real events.

*A Provocation: seeks to examine contemporary social and political issues that provoke thought and further action to be taken.


// COMPANY: Inverkeithing Community Initiative 

// CAST & 'WRITERS': Inverkeithing Community Initiative 

// DIRECTOR: Clara Bloomfield



A hootenanny:  a celebration, a gathering, a party, an occasion which people assemble for.'


4 women question their 'invisibility' in The System, why they have been ignored, over looked or forgotten.


4 women celebrate their identity, their 'class', their right to positively protest their right to be seen and to be heard!


These 4 women invite you to join them at their hootenanny and walk in their shoes.

Theatre for Social Change - Under the banner of Tiny Fragments over the last three years as a Theatre Maker and Director Clara Bloomfield have collaborated with playwright Jo Ross and Women (non actors) from South West Fife.  These women were predominately from situations of domestic abuse, who were on the lowest of income, who were ‘sofa hopping’, and who had to decide whether to feed themselves or heat their family homes. 

Together THEY created Theatre for political activism to effect social change at local and national levels.


Over three years their verbatim performances were presented locally in the women’s own communities, to Local Government and to the Scottish Parliament to highlight life for those who experience poverty as a means to lobby for better support for families, like themselves, to gain better access to services and information to aid their daily living.


Our work informed the writing of The Fairer Fife Report; actions against poverty in Fife and resulted in 4 / 7 women being re-homed.

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