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Arts For Good

Clara one of of 33 artists from 12 countries that is part of The Singapore International Foundation’s (SIF) Arts for Good (A4G) Fellowship is an annual programme, which aims to grow the Arts for Good ecosystem, through a community of practice that harnesses the power of the arts and culture to create positive social change. The Fellowship brings together cross-sector professionals such as artists, arts administrators, creatives and programmers from the education and social sectors on a programme made up of experiential workshops, learning journeys and networking sessions across two exchange programmes in two global cities; Singapore and Delhi.

Whilst in Singapore Clara had the pleasure of co-creating and running a masterclass for the A4G Fellowship along with Sunniva Ramsay (Edinburgh International Festival.)

'In the footsteps of hero's' - an exploration of the self as material.

In a digital world where young people are constructing and reconstructing their own identities and creating their own narrative online to what extent can this be extended to the physical world through theatre as a means of exploring ones on wellbeing?

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